Cupcake Makers: Simple, Easy and Fun

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Cupcake-MakersMaking the very popular cupcakes is easy and fun with one of these cupcake-baking small appliances. Simple to use and safe enough to let the kids help out, whether for a birthday party or for family enjoyment.

The Best Cupcake Makers

These cupcake makers are rated the best and are the best selling. For good reason. With even baking, ease of use and easy clean-up, you can use one of these to make the best cupcakes you’ve ever made.

Good Looking and Good Tasting

Yes, I’m one of those people who has always had a hard time making good cupcakes. I can find the best recipe in the world, mix the ingredients right and still end up with lopsided, over-cooked cupcakes. Of course, the flavor can still be there, but the look isn’t as appealing as I want. Especially when I’m preparing cupcakes for a party.

My first cupcake maker came as a gift from a friend who had been witness to my failed attempts. She was trying to be nice, I realize, but I still felt like a failure at cupcake making until I tried the small appliance out! I have since gotten a second one just because I now love making cupcakes so much.

Serving Cupcakes in Unique Ways

Enjoying my cupcake makers so much, I had to come up with more excuses to make them. Oh, yes, all the birthday parties, all the family gatherings, all the parties I attended and gave, all got cupcakes. But, then I hosted a tea party and had a new use for my cupcake makers.

Starting with a gourmet cupcake recipe, which tasted delightful without frosting, I baked up a bunch of cupcakes. When they cooled, I sliced them into bite-sized pieces. Then topped each with a little softened butter and broiled them just until the edges browned. Presto – ideal finger foods for my tea party.

Using a cupcake maker can help you make better cupcakes, but also help you make more fun party foods with a little imagination.

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  1. Mandee says:

    This is a wonderful idea! Baking perfect cupcakes every time in a cupcake maker sounds right up my alley! Thanks for the tips and I love the sound of the cupcake finger foods for a tea party too!

  2. Barb says:

    Ever since I started watching Cupcake Wars on Food Network, I’ve been jazzed about all the different ways to make cupcakes. I LOVE the idea of a small appliance just for cupcakes. I can make just a few for dessert, and leave the oven free for dinner! Thanks for the tip!

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