Frozen Yogurt Makers: Ice Cream, Sorbet and More

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Frozen-Yogurt-MakersHealthy, homemade frozen desserts made easy. That’s what these frozen yogurt makers do. Really. My family is in love with frozen desserts. Our waistlines and health proved it. Instead of giving up our favorite sweets, we went for healthier versions. These are our top picks for the best frozen yogurt makers.

Our Frozen Yogurt Makers Story

Although we as a family loved ice cream and just about any frozen dessert, we knew the extra fat was bad news. Not just bad for keeping our weight under control, but also keep our health under control. Bad news also for our love of frozen sweets. I tried different options from the grocery store. Basically, yuck. Processed foods have way too many additives that defeat our healthy purpose.

We had only two options. Stop eating ice cream and other frozen desserts altogether. Or figure out how to make our own healthier, and tastier, versions. That’s when we got our first of several frozen yogurt makers.

Top Picks for the Best Frozen Yogurt Makers

Through my large extended family, we have been able to try a number of the frozen yogurt makers on the market. Even gathering several together for head-to-head competitions. Yes, my family has some interesting times. Now, I warn you, these results are not scientific at all. But, the competitions were loads of fun and netted some great tasting results.

Our overall favorite is the Cuisinart ICE-21 F, shown above. Coming in a close 2nd, 3rd and 4th for best frozen yogurt makers are the ones pictured below. What we found is that they are all close in how good their delicious results are.

Choosing Your Own Favorite Frozen Yogurt Maker

When picking among the different frozen yogurt makers, you want to take into consideration some factors. Why you choose one small appliance over another is a matter of your own preference. Some have larger capacity, some are meant to be used less frequently, and some may take up more counter space.

All of these frozen yogurt makers come with good instruction books. They have plenty of options for starter recipes. But feel free to get creative and try your own recipes. Food Network as several good ones. One of our favorites is the almost-famous recipe.

No matter which one you choose, frozen yogurt makers will help you eat healthier without giving up those great frozen desserts.

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  1. Mandee says:

    I adore frozen yogurt and it’s much better for you than traditional ice cream! We don’t have a frozen yogurt restaurant close by so getting the appliance makes a lot of sense! That way we can control the ingredients and the flavors!

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