Kitchen Basics: What to Consider Before You Buy

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Kitchen-Basics-ConsideratioWhen you are ready to consider a new small appliance in your kitchen, there are some things to keep under consideration. Here are my top things to keep in mind.

How Will You Use It

Many small appliances have just one or a few uses. They are specialized for a certain type of food or type of cooking. Each can be used for a few other types of things, but these are usually limited to a very closely related item. Make sure you are prepared to use it for just that one use or few uses. Don’t expect you can make lots of different types of foods in one appliance.

How Often Will You Use It

If this item is something that will use every day, then you will want to have it sitting out on your counter within easy reach. Typically, things like coffee makers and toasters are used enough to keep them out.

If you plan to use this small appliance for only certain things that you make infrequently, then you will need to consider where to store it during those other times.

Your Counter or Storage Space

No matter what type of small appliance you chose, it will take up some space in your kitchen. Either on your counter if you use it often enough or stored in some cabinet or closet. You need to be aware of you will put it.

For counter space, consider the footprint this small appliance will take up. Is it square, wide or thin? Where you put it on your counter? Is there an electric plug close enough to be able to use it easily?

If this is an appliance you will store away when not in use, where will you put it? If you want to use this often enough, consider a handy cabinet space. Otherwise, think about placing it in a closet, so you when you do need it for something like a big party or family dinner, you can pull it out just for that occasion, but it won’t take up valuable kitchen space.

Thinking ahead before you purchase will help you make a better decision about which small appliance you will get. We like to make sure we aren’t wasting money with any of our purchases.


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