Panini Press for Easy Grilled Sandwiches

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Panini-Press-Sandwich-MakerNever did I think I would need to have a panini press. That is until I was given one of these sandwiches. When I asked how it was made, and made so quickly, I was shown a panini press. This was impressive. The hot sandwich was delicious and the clean up was simple. I had to have one for myself.

Panini Press Required Features

When I went looking for my own panini press, I knew there were some things that I really needed. The first, and most important, was something referred to as a floating hinge. This particular feature is vital for one very good reason. I want to make sandwiches and foods of different sizes.

A floating hinge allows you to put in thick slices of bread with plenty of ingredients and keep them thick. The lid doesn’t press them into a flat sandwich. Which also means the ingredients don’t squish out the sides of the sandwich.

I also looked for easy to clean plates, and a panini press that I could easily store away when not in use. These were the 3 features that I found in each of the appliances that I feature here.

Variations Compared to Price

Now, let’s get real here. There is a huge price variation in panini presses. If you want just a basic grill without extras, but is inexpensive, you can find that. If some extra features are important to you, the price will go up. The quality from the manufacturer will also influence the price.

So you need to be aware of your own budget, your own needs, and your own storage space. In other words, make some considerations before you purchase.

Making Panini Sandwiches

All of the featured presses here do come with some recipes for making your sandwiches. But, I found Food Network to have a great selection with easy to put together panini sandwiches.

Do make sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions for heating up the panini press. For those machines with special features, read how to use them. If you’re new to using a panini press, this will help you. Take it from someone who knows.

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  1. Mandee says:

    My son wanted a panini grill for his birthday last year. I researched and finally ended up buying Hamilton Beach grill. It was awesome! He uses it all the time and even makes up his own recipes. Definitely a great birthday gift for him!

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