Programmable Slow Cookers for Easy Cooking

Programmable-Slow-CookersEasy cooking is my style, so I like to use programmable slow cookers to get those great meals. Any one with a busy life will appreciate the ease of set the timer and leave. I’ve used slow cookers or crock pots for years. When I got a programmable one, I was in heaven. Meals got even easier. And healthier as well. I could make great food without all the pre-packaged items.

Best Programmable Slow Cooker

You probably already know that I’m a fan of the Cuisinart brand of small appliances. With all the choices available, I’ve never been disappointed by any of my Cuisinart items. The same is true for my programmable slow cooker.

I set the time that I want it to start, which setting I want, then walk away. If I forget about the slow cooker, no problem. Cuisinart did a great job of making this item. When my time setting has been it automatically switches to warm keeping my food ready until I’m able to get back to it.

Top Features in Slow Cookers

I’m careful to make sure that any of the small appliances I feature fit my criteria. A big one with slow cookers is the ease of cleaning. Each has to have a removable pot. Each programmable slow cooker that I feature here has that.

Each also must have 3 temperature settings, at least. High and low settings are needed for most recipes, but I also want a warm setting. That helps when I can’t watch the clock or be around when the timing is done.

Size Factors for Programmable Slow Cookers

There are two basic sizes for slow cookers whether they are programmable or not. The small size is typically 3 1/2 quarts of capacity. This size is great for most of my cooking. It’s perfect for 3-4 servings of one-dish meals and works great for 2-3 pound meats.

The larger sizes range from 5 to 7 quart capacity. If you feed a large family, you’ll need the bigger size. The largest sizes can easily provide you with up to 8 servings. These are also great when you are cooking for parties or bring-a-dish events.

If you have the storage space, a programmable slow cooker in both sizes is ideal. You can use the smaller one for parts of meals, feeding just a few or preparing ingredients like beans. The larger one will be quite handy for those times when you need more space. Believe me, I’ve used both of mine at the same time as well. Now that’s handy.

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  1. Barb says:

    I’d almost given up on my crock pot. I’m seldom ready when it is–there are no time guarantees in my day–and I’ve overcooked too many dishes into dryness or just plain mush. A programmable cooker is just what I need. Great idea! Thanks!

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