Small Kitchen Appliances: Choose Right for Easier Cooking

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Small-Kitchen-AppliancesSmall kitchen appliances can make your cooking and food preparation easier. But, only if you pick the right ones. Choose carefully and your cooking chores won’t seem so tough. Several things should be considered when picking out which small appliance you want to add to your own kitchen.

Considerations to Keep in Mind

You can spend, and waste, lots of money on small kitchen appliances. So choose wisely. Here are some of the things you need to consider when deciding on whether to make a purchase and which appliance to buy.

  • Storage Space: Right off the bat, any small kitchen appliance will need to be put someplace. If you plan to use it frequently, an honored place on your counter will be in order. If this item is meant only for occasional use, where will you put it when not in use?
  • Serving Size Capability: How many servings do you need to get out of this item? If this appliance is meant for big families or parties, you want to make sure you can get enough servings at one time.
  • Added Features: What else can this small kitchen appliance do? Is this important to you? If you want this item to do double or even triple duty in your cooking, looking at the extra features will be important. If you prefer to have it work for just the one cooking need, make sure it will stand up to that use.
  • Durability: If you plan to use this appliance frequently, make sure it will continue working for you day after day. You don’t want to have to replace it often.
  • Cost Factor: Always remember, you get what you pay for. The cheapest appliances may not stand up to regular use. But, they may be just right if you want to try it out a bit first.

Making Cooking Easier with Small Kitchen Appliances

The automated features of small kitchen appliances really can make your cooking easier. Also, better. Consider things like bread machines. The work of hand making bread can be very difficult with kneading, rising, kneading. A bread machine automates this whole process for you. Definitely easier.

Then consider appliances like rice steamers. Personally, I skipped making rice because I tended to burn the bottom every time. With my rice steamer, no longer did I have to buy only the more expensive instant rice. I can now make perfect rice each time I make it. The settings are there for me.

The Cost Factor in Total

Yes, there is the cost of small kitchen appliance itself. But, there are also other cost factors to take into consideration. The small appliances typically use less energy. Think about baking a dozen cupcakes. Heating up the entire oven is not necessary with a cupcake maker.  Right there is a cost saving.

Many small kitchen appliances allow you to use more basic ingredients. The pre-made, packaged, instant foods you get at the grocery store are much more expensive than basic ingredients. I can promise you this one! Microwave rice is horribly expensive compared to dried rice.

Literally, cut your grocery bill, eat healthier and still make cooking easy with the right choices in small kitchen appliances. So pick the right ones for you own family needs.

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  1. Mandee says:

    Great tips for figuring out which small kitchen appliances I need. I love the bullet points! Some appliances are necessities while others would be nice to have. Thanks for your suggestions!

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