The Best 3 Automatic Pasta Makers and Why

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Automatic-Pasta-Maker-RevieYou can call me a pasta fanatic if you want, but I dearly love pasta. More than that, I love my own homemade pasta. That’s why I have reviewed the three best automatic pasta makers here.

Lello Pro Automatic Pasta Maker

This is definitely my top choice. My Lello pro machine makes great pasta every time. It’s a big machine, though. It can make up to 3 pounds of pasta. Understand that is a lot of pasta, no matter what type you are making. If you’re making pasta for a party or large family, this size makes sense. For smaller servings, you will want to use the one-pound instructions.

Luckily for us, fresh pasta freezes well. That gives you the option to make a bunch at one time.

I’ve used my Lello automatic pasta maker several times a week and it works great every time. For any pasta maker, you need to be aware of some things. See below for those items. As long as you start right with the pasta ingredients, the Lello won’t fail you.

Viante Automatic Pasta Maker

This machine is a bit of a different look, in fact it reminds me of a toaster. The capacity is around 1 pound of pasta so it’s also smaller than the Lello machine. But, it still makes great pasta and just as easily. One of the advantages with this machine is the number of little extra tools it comes with, measuring spoon, biscotti disc, pasta knife and cleaning tool. These all sit on the machine itself. No more searching for the right tools.

As always, you need to understand how to make pasta right in order for any machine to work and the same is true for the Viante pasta maker. Make sure you check out the information below to be sure you get the right consistency for your pasta.

Ronco Automatic Pasta Maker

Ronco is a name we all recognize for those easy helpful kitchen gadgets. The pasta maker is one of those. If you only want to make pasta once in awhile, this machine is for you. It’s less expensive than either the Lello or Viante machines, but it also doesn’t hold up as well to heavy use.

If you are a first time pasta maker, you may want to start with the Ronco machine. But, be prepared. If you love pasta, you will quickly want to upgrade to a better automatic pasta maker.

Making Your Pasta Right

There are things you need to consider to make your pasta right no matter what kind of automatic pasta maker you choose.

  • Weigh your ingredients. Skip the measuring like you do for baked products.
  • Follow the instructions carefully for your machine.
  • Test out your pasta recipes. Different recipes will make different consistencies in the raw pasta you make. Test them out.
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  1. Mandee says:

    Making pasta is one thing I have never done. My mom does it and I can tell you it tastes heavenly. hmmmmm, maybe I need to ask Santa for my own pasta maker??

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